IAESTE.org: Events & Testimonials functionalities for your use !

Hello Hello Everyone! 

We sincerely hope that you are all doing fine and had a great summer as the IAESTE offers so. Speaking of, we have recently heard that iaeste.org website is updated and has come with a new set of features. “What are they?” you may ask, so here we are. sharing a few of them with you!

Employer and student testimonials!

Okay, okay , you might say that students’ testimonials are not a new feature. But, IAESTE aims to have a testimonial from each one of IAESTE member countries! Wouldn’t it be great to help to do so ? And if your question is ; but how ? We would love it if you could let your current and former students know about the page and encourage them to share their testimonials!

Employer testimonials ? Well that is brand new! Now your employers can directly enter their testimonials on the iaeste.org website! So let’s encourage employers to share their testimonials on the website and make the word IAESTE more known all around the globe for new employers!

Last but definitely not least…. Events!

Now you can directly upload your local or national events on the official website! Do you always complain that your event is not promoted enough? Well now you have the official website to promote for you! Plus it is always nice to show the world what’s going on among IAESTE events!

As you see IAESTE a.s.b.l. is trying to make the website more alive, colourful and vibrant as much as possible! So why not help them to do so ? After all,  the IAESTE values are; friendship, trust, respect, professionalism, development and intercultural cooperation. Let’s show the world we value so!