The Connect Region Management Team, or CoReMa for short, is elected every year during the Connect Conference. After the elections, the candidate team is trained by the previous team for 2 months.

CoRe Coordinator – Sara Camargo González

Responsible for external relations of the region with other IAESTE committees and third parties. Additionally, is responsible for chairing CoReMa and Representatives meetings.

CoRe PR Coordinator – Serena Dorner            

Responsible for public relations, such as creating promotional materials for regional events and activities.


CoRe Event Coordinator -Johan Fredrik Skarsten

Responsible for overseeing the organization of the Connect Conference, managing the Joint Workshop Leader Pool, organizing Workshops for Conferences, as well as managing the Workshop feedback system.

CoRe Forum Coordinator –  Maria Cremona  

Responsible for managing and supporting the running projects in CoRe and for recruiting participants and leaders for existing and new projects.