LEAP is an abbreviation for LC’s of Europe Are Partners. It is meant for experienced members who are looking for the perfect opportunity to develop things within IAESTE.

What: With LEAP we put IAESTE members in teams to work on practical case studies and improve in professional workshops. We want them to educate themselves, so they can share they knowledge to their LC’s later on.

Who: LEAP is for experienced members of IAESTE, which know most of the basics in IAESTE. Usually, you should be in IAESTE at least for 1 year to attend this conference.

Why: We believe that the right connections and knowledge will give you the leap to stay ahead of your peers.

When: The conference usually takes place between the end of summer and beginning of Autumn.

LEAP 2019

Date: 05. – 08.09.2019
Venue: Łódź, Poland
Website: https://leap.iaeste.pl/

Past LEAPs

5. LEAP 2018 / Utrecht, The Netherlands
4. LEAP 2017 / Celje, Slovenia
3. LEAP 2016 / Wagrain, Austria
2. LEAP 2015 / CHKO Podblanicko, Czech Republic
1. LEAP 2014 / Janov nad Nisou, Czech Republic