Become a Junior workshop leader

Why to apply for Workshop Leaders Pool as a Junior?

  • to learn how to organize a workshop (a soft skills training or an IAESTE specific workgroup)
  • to improve your soft skills (leading a group, motivating people, time management and decision-making skills)
  • to, later on, become the Senior Workshop Leader and to lead workshops at CEC, LEAP, or Connect Conference
  • to lead workshops for LC’s/NC’s (cross-cultural knowledge transfer)

Who are we looking for?

  • highly motivated members who want to learn something new
  • experienced members ready to share their knowledge
  • members with good English and communication skills
  • members who will stay in IAESTE at least one additional year

How can I apply?

Anyone can apply to become a Junior member of the Pool. The only requisite is to be IAESTE member in any of the countries that belong to either CER or CoRe. A successful application will be ultimately approved by the decision made by the Pool Managers.

Preferably, the applicant will have to attend the workshop “How to Become Workshop Leader” which will be available several times per year: at Connect Conference (CoCon), the two Central European Conventions (CEC) and LEAP Conference.

The applicant will need to complete the following steps in order to complete his/her application:

  1. Motivation letter showing the applicant’s interest in joining the Pool
  2. CV focused on IAESTE activities and positions.
  3. Prepare a general outline about how to run a workshop on a topic of interest for the candidate.
  4. Send an email to [email protected] and​ [email protected] with confirmation, you agree with the conditions of the privacy policy*.

 The Workshop Coordinator from CER or CoRe, will ask NS/CER/CoRe Representative for explicit approval of your application. The applicant will be then invited to a small interview with the Pool Managers during which his/her motivations will be evaluated.

*- it means that CER will keep your e-mail adress, name, and nationality + share it on this website, and as well send you announcements about attendance as a leader on conferences.

Become a Senior workshop leader

Why to apply for Workshop Leaders Pool as a Senior?

  • to lead workshops at CEC, LEAP, Connect Conference, and more
  • to lead workshops for LC’s/NC’s (cross-cultural knowledge transfer)
  • to mentor Junior Workshop Leaders (who can assist you during the workshop)
  • to get a bigger amount of the fee for CEC & CoCon refunded

What qualifications do I need to apply?

  • experience in the workshop topic
  • experience in conducting (non-)IAESTE workshops about the topic
  • good English skills
  • good communication and presentation skills
  • good grades/comments from previously conducted workshops

How can I apply?

A Junior member of the Pool is entitled to apply for Senior status after fulfillment of the following requirements:

  1. To be a Junior Member of the Pool.
  2. To lead at least two workshops of sufficient length (at least 2h) in previous Conferences at CoCon, CEC, LEAP, or JUMP. These two workshops may take place at the same conference.
  3. To have overall good feedback from his workshops (at least 80% of feedback ratings were 8 or higher).

A complete application to become a Senior Member of the Pool needs to send an email to [email protected] and​ [email protected] 

The candidate will be then invited to an interview with the Pool managers and they will make a final decision upon the candidate’s application.

Workshop Leaders Pool Guidelines

Further information and regulations are fixed in the Workshop Leaders Pool Guidelines, that are linked here. 

 Workshop Leaders Pool Guidelines