A premiere, the first time ever: 47th CEC Germany!

Germany, an economic power in Europe, is the biggest country population-wise and one of the biggest countries in terms of area in Central Europe. However, not only in these areas but also in terms of internship exchange in IAESTE. Germany is a big player and even though they joined CER as a whole country at the worst possible time (2020), they have hosted the very first CEC within Germany. And we can tell you, it turned out amazing!
Two years of preparation time and three former CECs later, Germany succeeded. The outcomes of their work could be admired during the CVJM Feriendorf Herbstein with over 80,000qm for hosting their first European conference, after the Annual Conference in 2018 in Berlin.     

2nd Physical Meeting in 2023

After the great Physical Meeting in Slovakia, which was also the first one in a full constellation, the CER Management team has met also before the CEC Germany to discuss several ongoing topics. Four of the members spent the days before the start of the CEC on working on the ongoing topics that came up during the year. 

47th CEC in Germany

Especially as Germany is the most western-located country in the CER, some of the participants who arrived by car had a pretty long journey. The closest airport was Frankfurt, from where the participants could arrive at the location by public transport within 2h. After the last miles in the middle of nowhere, the participants arrived at the CEC location, the CVJM Feriendorf Herbstein, seeing already the installed IAESTE banners and flags.
In the end, over 150 participants from 14 countries arrived throughout the day, including 2 members of IAESTE Global. The location consisted of several cottages in a youth and family area. The event had also a remarkable array of workshops on Saturday 12 workshops held by 14 Junior and Senior Workshop Leaders.

International Evening

THE highlight of every international conference is the IE, International Evening. The participants prepared the specialties of their country and culture – beverages as well as snacks, cold and warm food. So when the participants did a “tour around the world”, they could taste all the specialties from the different countries. In the beginning, every country had the chance to present their table and advertise it to other participants. In comparison to the past CECs, this time the area of the IE was separated – into a table area outside and a dance floor area inside. People got to know each other better and exchanged their merchandise. 
Joining the “IAESTE Dance” was a must-have – for older as well as younger members. 


A big thank you to the organizing team of IAESTE Germany for this unforgettable premiere conference and we are all looking forward to seeing you all in spring at the next, 48th CEC, in North Macedonia – which will also be their first time!