IAESTE CEC’22 Carinthia – Austria

The most crowded and one of the best CECs of all time took place this Autumn in beautiful Carinthia, Austria!

By CEC ( Central European Convention) we gather 2 times a year in the host country of the event. By the event both new and experienced members get a chance to get to know each other and enjoy 3 days full of workshops, and colourful evenings. Being the biggest CEC of all time, surely this Autumn’s CEC was awesome!

In addition to the classic structure of CECs, this CEC we also had a chance to get together with IAESTE a.s.b.l. team. Like this wasn’t enough, we also had a great opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of IAESTE. 75 years of working, experiencing, and discovering for sure had a great celebration this year!

The silence and tranquility of Velden am Wörthersee, accompanied by the great efforts of the organising team was for sure a one time life experience!

We for sure had a great time there, having a wonderful international evening, a delicious 75th anniversary cake for IAESTE, workshops full of useful knowledge, and the chance of meeting with 250 new faces!

Until the next CEC, by the May of 2023 in Slovakia, we hope everyone a great IAESTE jobraising process, and a great exchance session in this year’s AC at Poland!

We thank everyone again for contributing into aims of IAESTE and wish to see you all again soon!

allagain soon

IAESTE CEC’22 of Carinthia – Austria!
75th Anniversary of IAESTE
Workshops of CEC’ Austria