IAESTE LEAP’22 Cappadocia – Turkey

The IAESTE LEAP’22 of Turkey!

Well we have a few things to tell.

First of all, we thank from the bottom of our hearts to the organising team of LEAP’22 in Cappadocia and everyone who joined us and contributed to make this event so significant and unforgetteable!

Through LEAP ( LCs of Europe are Partners) our experienced members get a chance to exchange knowledge about their solutions to their problems in their local communities. In addition to that, in LEAP we aim to improve IAESTE regionally into an even better phase with exchange numbers rising and members having bigger parts with much bigger enthusiasm towards sharing the spirit of IAESTE. And surely, LEAP of 22 was a big step towards this aim.

We had many great moments from the amazing sight of gas balloons flying in the serenity of the dusk, to fresh air and silence of the pristine Cappadocia!

3 nights of accommodation in a 5 star hotel with many amenities was also amazing without a need to talk about it!

Not to mention the great Turkish night for having a chance to get to know better the Turkish traditional dances and drinks.

And of course we didn’t forget our workshop leaders who came and shown the kindness to share their knowledge with other experienced IAESTE members.

Until the next LEAP of IAESTE, we wish everyone pleasant CECs, and a wonderful AC!

Thank you everyone again and again for working, experiencing, and discovering with the aim of keeping IAESTE spirit alive in 75th year of IAESTE!

Until next time, stay IAESTED.

IAESTE LEAP’22 Cappadocia – Turkey!
Great sights of waking up with Balloons..
Organizers, CER Team, and our Workshop Leaders…