The Connect Region and IAESTE Sweden invite you to come to join us at the 12th Connect Conference, from the 2nd to the 5th of March in beautiful Lund, a university town in the southernmost Swedish county of Skåne. Medieval streets lined with cobblestone, the ancient cathedral, and IAESTE members from the Connect Region and beyond are waiting for you. The registration fee is €250 and covers accommodations, meals, workshops, and parties throughout the entire event. So come join us, and enjoy Scandinavia and the IAESTE spirit at its very best.


Location: Motel L and the University of Lund (Faculty of Engineering, LTH)
Time: 2nd to 5th of March, 2023

You will be staying at Motel L, attending workshops on the university campus, and eating and celebrating at Nationerna, Kårhuset, and Hemvärnsgården. All locations are within walking distance and well-served by public transportation.

The nearest major airport is Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, from which the Öresundståg leaves for Lund every 20 minutes. There are also train connections and long-distance buses available from northern/central Europe. See section “Transporation” under Information below and if you have any further questions about the best way to get here please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



Registrations are now closed.

Once your registration is confirmed by your regional representative or National Secretary, you will receive further information and will be asked to pay the conference fee. When the fee is paid and your spot is confirmed, we cannot guarantee a refund. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be informed and kept up to date. If you have any problems registering or any other questions, feel free to contact the CoReMa team and we will help you out.



CPH/CPH Airport-Lund

The closest/most convenient airport to Lund is Kastrup/CPH airport if you chose to fly here. If you do fly there, the most convenient form of transportation from the airport (or from other train stations in Copenhagen) to Lund is by train (öresundståget). The train runs directly from the airport to Lund, and tickets HAVE TO BE BOUGHT BEFORE BOARDING THE TRAIN. It is not possible to buy tickets on the train it will resolve in a fine. However, no pre-booking long in advance is necessary and it is enough to purchase the ticket at the airport. It is recommended to use the app “Skånetrafiken” for the tickets from CPH to Lund and the app also works for all public transport in Skåne (Lund, malmö, etc.). If you buy a ticket from/to Copenhagen (all train stops in CPH cost the same, including the airport) it will be valid from the day of the purchase until 4 am the next day. THE SAME TICKET is valid on public transport when you arrive in Lund/CPH if you buy it in the app. A ticket between Lund and CPH costs 165SEK in the app, however, if you purchase a ticket for 2 people or more you get a 20% discount. So if you travel together with someone buy the tickets together! If you do not have access to the internet in Denmark or Sweden you can also buy tickets from the ticket machines at the airport. On buses in Lund, it is possible to pay with your card, however, it does cost a little more than when using the app. Please note that while paying for your ticket on the busses and trams in Lund, it is NOT possible on the train. More information about tickets and Skånetrafiken can be found here: https://www.skanetrafiken.se/biljetter/kopbiljett/

Also, remember to keep your passport close to you on the train when traveling from CPH to Lund as the police sometimes do passport checks at the first stop in Sweden (Hyllie).


It is also possible to reach Lund by, for example, Flixbus, or other long-distance buses. Some of you might also be traveling from north of Lund, then Gothenburg might be a reasonable stop to switch to a bus or train. Öresundståg is a train that connects Gothenburg and Denmark and stops in Lund. Tickets are available to purchase at the station, or in the “Skånetrafiken”-app. An adult ticket in the app costs: 335,75EK, then the ticket is also valid on public transport in Lund until the time runs out. Please find more information about the train and tickets in the section CPH-Lund as it works the same.

Link to the train company if you want more information: https://www.oresundstag.se/en

Malmö Airport-Lund

If you instead fly to Malmö airport, you have to take a bus to Malmö to switch to either another bus or a train to get to Lund. The ticket from Sturup (Malmö Airport) to Malmö can be purchased here: https://www.flygbussarna.se/en/malmo. When in Malmö you can purchase the train/bus ticket to Lund as previosuly described – with the “Skånetrafiken”-app.


The legal drinking age is 18 in Sweden, however, it is not possible to purchase alcohol before the age of 20 at systembolaget. It is however, legal to drink during the parties and to buy alcohol at bars and restaurants given you are over 18 years old.


The party on thursday will be the only party were you will be able to buy alcohol. That also meant that you CAN NOT bring your own to the bar/resturant we are going to. Friday and Saturday parties will ONLY be BYOB (bring your own beer/alcohol).


Public drinking is LEGAL in Lund (though illegal in the rest of Sweden with Lund and Uppsala as the only exceptions). Therefore, picnics and outdoor parties are very popular in Lund. However, please note that it is NOT ALLOWED to consume your own alcohol INSIDE the university buildings as most of them hold permanent permits for selling alcohol.


Due to strict alcohol laws in Sweden, it is not possible to buy alcohol in grocery stores and it has to be purchased at Systembolaget. Opening hours are limited and are prices can be quite high. We, therefore, encourage you to bring your own if you want and if you have the possibility, as many parties will be “bring your own beer” and it will not be possible to buy extra at the party. It is possible to go down to Systembolaget during Lunch Wednesday-Saturday.
Opening hours for Systembolaget in Lund are:
Monday-Wednesday: 10-18
Thursday-Friday: 10-19
Saturday: 10-15
Sunday: CLOSED
You can check prices etc on their website (Swedish): https://www.systembolaget.se/ you have to press “Jag är över 20” to enter.


Prices of alcohol in Denmark are lower than in Sweden. It might therefore be interesting to some of you to visit a supermarket close to the airport before traveling to Sweden. IAESTE Denmark kindly shared where the closest supermarket to the airport is: “Closest supermarket to the airport in Denmark 8 min from airport exit. In Denmark alcohol is cheaper and fully accesinble to all.” Name of the supermarket: netto kastrup kystvejen. link to Google maps here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/59VTqUjuPa7dFs6A7


When you arrive in Lund you have to continue on to the hotel by taking the tram number 1 towards Lund ESS and get off at stop Lund Solbjer or Telefonplan. It is also possible to take a bus and to see your options and to plan the journey, as well as to purchase the ticket you can use the same app as described before: “Skånetrafiken”.

If you arrive before 3pm: You can leave your bags at the hotel before check-in starts at 3pm and then go back downtown to join the pre-conference.  


This will be a (free of charge) scavenger hunt/city tour of Lund hosted by IAESTE Lund. It is a perfect way to get to know the new faces participating in the conference and a great way to see the beautiful city of Lund. The pre-conference will start around around 12 and will include a lot of walking. It is therefore recommended to leave your bags at the hotel (free) or in a locker at the station for a fee (link here: https://www.speed-services.se/en/storage-lockers/luggage-lockers/speed-locker/119/lund-central-station/ ). 

There will be time for you to purchase lunch during this tour and joining if you arrive after 12 should not be a problem. No sign-up is required for this event.


This event is hosted by IAESTE Denmark and will include a tour of Copenhagen from the canals for 1 hour. Participation for the canal tour does not have a hard participant cap and everyone that can is welcome to join. After IAESTE Denmark will take you to a restaurant for a buffé-style meal at DalleValle. The restaurant is booked for 30 participants and will be assigned according to first come first serve. The sign-up is included in the arrival form.

If you are joining the whole tour it will take approximately 5 hours including the train from Lund to Copenhagen. This means that the tour will end around 5pm-6pm. Please note that this event is not included in the conference fee and you will pay for everything yourself during the event.


Sweden is mostly a cashless society. This means that most places do NOT accept cash. Public transport, restaurants, and many stores are places where you cannot use cash as a form of payment. Places that usually accept cash (however, not always) are convenience stores and grocery stores.

Due to card and app payments being the most common form of payment here, you should not need to get money out in cash before the conference.


CoCon will have a zero-tolerance against illicit substances and drugs at all locations in Lund and it is not allowed to discuss these topics in the official chat either. The only exception will be alcohol and tobacco (and smoking and vaping will only be allowed outside). In Sweden, the possession, consumption, and distribution of illegal substances are punishable by law, with the risk of a prison sentence or a fine.
If a participant is found not following these guidelines or Swedish laws, the organizers can withdraw the person’s spot at the conference immediately without any refunds.


You can find the information about the workshops held at CoCon23 in the gallery below. Three of our workshop timeslots require registrations, and the timeslot for each workshop is specified in the registration form below. Please register for your desired workshop as soon as possible, as spaces per workshop are limited and distributed on an FCFS basis!




Please join the whatsapp group for the event so you do not miss out on any information about the event! Join the community here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EAHpHO6cL5WC2PvGKrYsQH

Join the group chat here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DW6f1QO7m4OBhZEZdy3pI4

As the conference approaches, more information such as the event schedule, workshop list, and information about the pre/post-conference tours will become available here. This information will also be posted on our social media, and following us, there is the easiest way to stay up-to-speed on everything. Also do not forget to join the facebook event!

We look forward to seeing you, välkommen till Lund!