IAESTE Spain presents the 11th IAESTE Connect Conference! In a land with a language old as time, lies a small nest of green mountains, home to many homes and families, Basajaun keeper of them all. Home to magic, witches and akelarre with Mother Mari up in the caves above. Lots of rain, great food and cider, iron veins and dragon stones. You are hereby invited to join, learn about the old ways, with mushrooms and woodworking, but also the new days, with management and social media with our IAESTE workshops. Get the chance to meet old and new IAESTE members, we aim to motivate, bring people together, and of course have fun! Come join us where the night has a name and the elves dress red. This April 20th – 24th 2022.


Location:Baratze Baserri Eskola S.L
Date: 20th – 24th of April
The conference fee is 150€

The event will take place at Baratze baserri eskola, 45 minutes away from Bilbao.
We have prepared buses from Bilbao, so watch your time, because there won’t be public transpotarion avaliable.

The buses will leave from San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao at 18:00


Welcome to IAESTE Connect Conference 2022 in Bilbao, Spain! The first round of registrations will open from the 7st of February to 15th of February. You can register your interest by filling out the form bellow. The conference fee is 150€, which will cover accommodation from the 20th to 24th of April. Meals, transport from Bilbao to the venue and back, and a weekend filled with workshops and entertainment. You will need to cover any other transportation costs, insurance and/or visa expenses, as well as any other accommodation costs if you wish to stay longer in Spain. Once the fee is paid and the registration confirmed, refunding because of cancellation isn’t guaranteed. A Refund is only possible should we find a replacement. Your registration will be valid once your regional representative or national secretary has confirmed your attendance. When your spot is confirmed you will receive an email with the payment information. After you make the payment, you have secured your spot at the Connect Conference 2022. If you are placed on the waiting list we will contact you later on if any spots become available. We look forward to seeing you in Spain!

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Arrival Form

Please fill in the arrival form when your participation is confirmed and you’ve booked tickets

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Spanish entry form, everyone must fill this out before departure!

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You can find the information about our upcoming workshops in the gallery below. After you’ve picked out a few, make sure to register for them by filling in our form!

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Arrival Bilbao

There is only one international airport in the vicinity of Bilbao, which is in Loiu. It has good public transportation, just a 15 min bus drive to the city center. Tickets can be bought near the Airport bus stop, or on the bus by card. Tip, buying a Barik card will make group trips cheaper nonetheless.

Arrival Madrid and Barcelona

Flying to Madrid and Barcelona would require further traveling to reach Bilbao. Whether it is trains or buses they might require a prebooked ticket so check out the links bellow! The bus will leave you in the Terminus Bus Station which is next to the University. For those of you that come on Wednesday, there will be IAESTE members from Bilbao who will help you leave the luggage in the university so that you can fully enjoy your first day in Bilbao. The train will leave you in Abando, which is a couple stops away in the Metro. The nearest Metro stop to the university is San Mames Metro station.




On Wednesday, April 20th, for the pre-conference, we will be visiting many interesting places in Bilbao, both historic and modern, including a visit to the Guggenheim museum. One of the biggest landmarks in the whole city, which we are planning to visit around 11:00. So if you want to come, please let us know through the Arrival Forms since we will have to book the tickets (8€). After this we will go to the Old-town where we’ll have the opportunity to try the typical “Pintxos” of Bilbao, just before heading back to the university, which is right next to the football stadium. Those who don’t have the opportunity to join parts of the pre-conference are free to roam around as they please. Just be on time for the bus next to the football stadium at 18:00.

For the post-conference we will take you on a trip around the coastal areas of Bizkai. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe will probably be closed due to maintenance, but we will go to the Painted forest of Oma, as well as to the town of Gernika, where we’ll visit a few of its historic landmarks and hopefully eat in one of the very traditional “Sagardotegi” we have here in the Basque Country. Afterwards we will take you to Bilbao so that you can get to your planes on time, and keep seeing the rest of Bilbao for the lucky ones that will be leaving on Monday.


The Basque Country is usually very rainy, so we would suggest that you bring a good pair of boots,depending on the forecast, since we will be walking in wet ground every once in a while. Also, the dormitories are pretty tight, with not much space to spare, so we hope you don’t have a problem sharing a room with a lot of people, since there aren’t too many options to choose from. If for some reason you are not able to share a room and still want to come, please contact us and we’ll try to arrange it as good as we possibly can.