Physical Meeting/ LEAP’21 Macedonia

Hello fellow IAESTErs!!

Can you actually believe that it has been almost 3 months since the LEAP’21 Macedonia took place?

We for sure cannot! As it was the first non-virtual event after a time which felt like eternity for the most of us, LCs of Europe had the chance to gather around in beautiful Macedonia and experience once again that we are partners!

What can we say about LEAP? Let’s think about it… Other than the fact that we had a 3 day long marvellous workshops and fun nights, we can for sure say that it has a special place in our hearts now. Maybe it is the fact that it was the first non-virtual event after a long time or it was the feeling of unity again, being able to hug your friends, and “experience” the IAESTE. There can be many reasons given why it was special, but one thing remains as the sole fact: We missed each other.

The meeting was particularly special for the CER Team of 2020-2021! It was the first time we finally met each other face to face and have our first physical meeting. And you know what? We even got a CER Team member now from the LEAP’21. Salute to our new Events Coordinator Jakub!

Our physical meeting had only taken around 2 hours but we as CER Team were aware that this meeting actually was 5 days long. Being able to chat with each other, after the long, long winter with a lot of virtual meetings, we saw IAESTE connects hearts better than any thing could do.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts to the Organising Team of LEAP’21 and we look forward to meeting with you again in the upcoming events, namely CECs (we cross our fingers that they will be non-virtual as well!).

To sum it all up, LEAP’21 and our CER Team physical meeting was the embodiment of IAESTE. We experienced, we travelled, we discovered; we might not have worked but hey! AC is right around the corner, so you know what that means ^^.

Take good care everyone and never forget CER Team is always one click away for your questions and wishes!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Your Cer Team of 2020-2021
Thank you for the great event IAESTE Macedonia!