40th CEC Hungary

The sun was shining through straight fields and farms, while we drove along the road. This year is extra special because of one special occasion, celebrating CEC’s birthday. This time, we were heading to Hungary.

It was Friday, 19th of October. Already the 40th CEC, so we had our expectations high from the beginning. Good food, good fun and great people to meet!

First and foremost, it was time for serious things, CER Representatives meeting. One of the main topics being discussed was what are the plans of CER for the future, but also more important for me – elections for new CER Management Team. So, for start meet the person writing you this: Nina Urbič as upcoming CER Events coordinator, coming from Slovenia. I was even more excited to find out I’ll work in a Team with 4 more people, all coming from different countries.

If you’re interested who was, along with me, elected as new Team, stay tuned with CER’s Facebook page!

CER representatives meeting

In the evening, we celebrated 3 different anniversaries: 70 years of IAESTE, 40th CEC and 35th anniversary of IAESTE Hungary. It was a pleasure to hear the opening speeches, knowing that each of those speakers has contributed to those anniversaries in his/her own way.


70 years of IAESTE cake

35 years of IAESTE Hungary cake

40th CEC cake

“In these 20 years lot of things have changed. The CEC program has changed, numbers have changed, people have changed. But what didn’t change is the aim of this conference, the reason why so many people gather together. You are here to develop yourself. You are here to be part of this international network. But most importantly, you are here to experience amazing IAESTE spirit!” – part of opening speech given by Esra Sözmen, Regional Vice Coordinator.

Saturday was finally a chance to spend some time learning something useful from others, Workshops! There was a wide range of workshops prepared for participants. Everybody had an opportunity to take part in, whether two different or one whole-day workshop. Following the tradition, Saturday evening was time for International Evening, where we could get to know different cultures (and also get amazed how many IAESTE people can actually sing)!


Social Media Marketing Workshop

Mindfullness & Self Organisation Workshop

I personally, want to thank all participants and Team who organized CEC. It was a special CEC in its own way! We hope IAESTE friendships will last forever and we are looking forward to even more special anniversaries to celebrate in future.

See you at 41th CEC in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Nina Urbič
IAESTE Slovenia


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