Treat yourself with a worthy experience!

Bucket list is a thing for most travelers. While I love to travel, I don’t really own one. I am more a spontaneous kind of person. However, with being a student and a traveler at the same time, I also needed a plan to stick to. To prepare myself for what might come next in life.


Martina with her CER T-shirt


This sounds like a contradiction, preparing and being spontaneous, but during my time in the CER team I found exactly that. So, autumn 2017 – the vibe was in the air. I already did my first IAESTE internship. I went to my first CEC. I was lucky enough to feel all that IAESTE spirit on the international level, at what seemed the right time. Because I realized working on LC level isn’t where I wanted to stop. When I got invited to a CER meeting, I was excited yet nervous to see what was in store for me.


CER Management team meeting in Vienna

“Hi, I‘m here to help! And I might have some ideas to share?”, was the first thing I said when I entered the meeting. I needed to improvise, because there was not much I could provide yet, and I was a little nervous if I would fit into the unknown environment. But I worried for nothing. This group of awesome, motivated and open-minded teammates made me feel welcome from day one. The collision of the differences and similarities in one place was encouraged. It didn’t take me long to notice how the remote teamwork uplifts my creativity and motivates me more when achieving goals!

Events coordinator became my position, which took me many places: conferences in Poland, Austria, Netherlands; backpacking around Europe for physical meetings; leading workshops. I truly went international! As events coordinator, I had to ensure that organisers followed the guidelines, in order to host an international event that is following its purpose. But I also got a lot of space to suggest new ideas, for these events to be even more amazing next year, which made me feel fulfilled. Having to work with people from different countries really gave me an insight on how different working environments could fit in my future career.

LEAP conference in the Netherlands

International evening on the CEC in Poland


It’s kind of a reciprocity. I believe the more you engage within this organisation, the more experienced you are for the future. I can’t call this a job, it was a worthy experience that pushed me forward. A match made for the ages.

Martina Solunchevska – CER Events Coordinator


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